The scientist behind the brand

Dr Sobeslav Fiker

Dr. Fiker, with a Doctor of Sciences degree, accumulated vast experience through years of research in Prague, Czech Republic. Renowned as one of Europe's foremost experts in cosmetic product evaluation, he was drawn to the challenge of skin aging early in his career, dedicating his studies primarily to this area. Dr. Fiker's work was distinguished by his innovative approach and unwavering passion.

His most notable achievement was the invention of the TrioStem3 complex, a groundbreaking contribution now integral to the Fytofontana Stem Cells cosmetic line. Influenced by prominent researchers such as John B. Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka, whose stem cell research earned a Nobel Prize in 2012, as well as Stanley Cohen's Nobel Prize-winning discovery of epidermal growth factor in 1986, Dr. Fiker's scientific journey was enriched by their pioneering work.

Although Dr. Fiker passed away in 2012 at the age of 85, his legacy endures through the multitude of research projects he spearheaded during his six decades of practice. His impact on the field of cosmetic science remains profound, shaping the industry's understanding and approach to skincare for generations to come.

Dr. Fiker's Journey in cosmetics and beyond


National Health Institute, Prague, Czech Republic

Skin Clinic, Zürich, Switzerland

Research laboratories of: L'Oréal, Dior, ROC, Elida in France

Herb-Pharma AG, Research,  Zürich, Switzerland

Dr. Fiker's Journey in cosmetics and beyond

Past roles

  • Created the national reference laboratory for cosmetics in Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Responsible for negotiations with representatives of the European Federation of cosmetic industry to create legislation on cosmetic products.
  • A member of the Dermatological Society of J.E. Purkyně.
  • Committee Member (until 2002 chairman) of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists.

Dr. Fiker's legacy

Continues to illuminate the path forward in the realm of cosmetic science. His pioneering spirit and unwavering dedication have left an indelible mark on the field, shaping the way we approach skincare and aging. Though he may have departed from this world in 2012, his vision lives on through the groundbreaking TrioStem3 complex, a testament to his innovative thinking and tireless pursuit of excellence.