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The history of the company’s foundation traces back to the early 90’s of the last century. Herb-Pharma is a manufacturer of cosmetics, nutritions and medical devices. The company operates its own evolutionary and manufacturing workplaces.

Dr Fiker's

TrioStem3 Complex

The TrioStem3 Complex is a new innovation in cosmetology, that combines the genetic information necessary for the complete renewal of the skin.

In order to correct all the skin imperfections, Dr. Fiker in his formula used intensive anti-wrinkle and regenerating peptides. 

The result is visible: the skin is transformed and rejuvenated.


Premium skincare

Through our vision of human health based on natural, biotechnology products, we are constantly learning and exploring new ingredients and methods of use.

We strive to provide you only raw materials of the highest and purest quality available on the worldwide market.

Regenerates and fills the skin with vitality on a genetic level

DNA Revitalising Emulsion with stem cells

FS DNA Revital emulsion
As the age progresses, the body's repair mechanisms are less and less able to fix errors that occur in the DNA. Dr. Fiker has developed DNA Revital inspired by the immortal Hydra genus living in the sea, that can maintain an infinitive self-regenerating function. The DNA Revitalising Skin Renewal Emulsion with stem cells mimics this exceptional feature.