Fytofontana cosmeceuticals

Replacement of invasive cosmetic treatments

Fytofontana Cosmeceutical offers a range of innovative, biotechnology-based skincare products that provide effective, safe, and revolutionary alternatives to traditional cosmetic injections and surgeries.

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Fytofontana stem cells

Complete skin renewal and rejuvenation

Fytofontana Stem Cells activates and restores the skin's own stem cells, which is crucial for promoting natural skin renewal and rejuvenation. This advanced technology helps improve skin texture, strengthens cell communication, and delivers comprehensive genetic information necessary for overall skin health and vitality.

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The history of the company’s foundation traces back to the early 90’s of the last century. Herb-Pharma is a manufacturer of cosmetics, nutritions and medical devices. The company operates its own evolutionary and manufacturing workplaces.

With a commitment to quality, safety, and natural excellence, our team of experts tirelessly pushes boundaries to deliver innovative solutions that transform lives.


The transformative power of science-backed skincare

At the heart of our skincare innovation lies cutting-edge science, where the latest developments in cosmetology intersect with the most potent ingredients.

Our commitment to scientific excellence drives us to continually push the boundaries of skincare, creating formulations that marry advanced technology with the finest botanical extracts.


Premium skincare

At the core of our ethos is an unwavering dedication to quality. We meticulously source the finest ingredients from around the world, ensuring that each component meets rigorous standards for purity and efficacy.

Our relentless pursuit of excellence extends from the laboratory to the final product, guaranteeing that every item bearing our name reflects the highest level of quality and integrity.

Fytofontana Cosmeceuticals


Collagenceutical, the revolutionary biotechnology emulsion, provides a non-invasive alternative to collagen and hyaluronate injections. This innovative formula, enriched with peptides and hyaluronic acid, deeply hydrates, firms, and visibly rejuvenates the skin. 


Regenerates and fills the skin with vitality on a genetic level

DNA Revitalising Emulsion with stem cells

FS DNA Revital emulsion
As we age, our body's natural DNA repair mechanisms become less effective. But there's an intriguing source of inspiration from the depths of the sea.
Dr. Fiker's revelation comes from the immortal Hydra, a remarkable oceanic creature known for its perpetual self-regeneration. This inspiration has led to DNA Revital, a groundbreaking skincare solution. Our DNA Revitalising Skin Renewal Emulsion, enriched with stem cells, harnesses the remarkable power of the Hydra. It's like turning back the clock, allowing you to experience the wonders of timeless skin.


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