Pureceutical pigment solution

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 Two-phase solution for lightening of pigment blemishes
Introducing PURECEUTICAL Two-Phase Cleansing Solution for skin lightening, a breakthrough formula designed to effectively cleanse and brighten the skin. This dual-action solution gently removes strongly pigmented epidermal cells while preventing wrinkle formation, resulting in a more even and radiant complexion.
Enriched with active ingredients such as Mitracarpe plant extract, Uva ursi, Centella Asiatica, Horse Chestnut, and Hamamelis, this product targets hyperpigmentation and regulates melanin synthesis for a visibly brighter skin tone.

 PURECEUTICAL two-phase cleansing solution is composed of two solution phases, which are necessary to be thoroughly shaken before each use in order to be mixed. Since the composition of the solutions is special, the two phases separate again after use.
Use a cotton pad to apply the solution and use soft circular motions to clean it thoroughly. PURECEUTICAL two-phase cleansing solution for pigment blemishes should be used twice a day, preferably morning and evening.

Through a carefully balanced blend of active ingredients, the solution targets hyperpigmentation by regulating melanin synthesis and reducing the appearance of localized pigmentation. This comprehensive approach helps to gradually lighten the skin and prevent the formation of new pigment blemishes.
Furthermore, the formula is designed to be gentle and non-irritating, making it suitable for all skin types. By incorporating the latest advancements in dermatological research, PURECEUTICAL offers a holistic solution for achieving a brighter, more even complexion.
Mitracarpe plant extract acts as a tyrosinase inhibitor, targeting strongly pigmented epidermal cells and regulating melanin synthesis.
Uva Ursi works alongside Mitracarpe plant extract to further inhibit tyrosinase activity and reduce pigmentation on the skin's surface.
Hydroglycol solution helps to remove strongly pigmented epidermal cells and regulates tyrosinase activity, gradually reducing pigmentation.
Centella Asiatica provides bioactive and moisturizing properties, aiding in skin rejuvenation and healing.
Horse chestnut improves cellular oxygenation and restores metabolism, promoting healthy skin function and resilience.
Hamamelis regulates blood circulation and has astringent properties, reducing inflammation and promoting skin balance.
Citron extract offers antioxidant benefits, neutralizing free radicals and preventing premature aging.
Hops stimulates skin metabolism and possesses antibacterial properties, promoting skin health and vitality.
Rosemary and Sage rovide antioxidant properties, protecting the skin from environmental damage and soothing irritation.
Pine extract enhances skin softness and overall skin health.

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