Botuceutical Platinum

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 Biotechnology serum to specifically target deep wrinkles

Botuceutical Platinum serum, a revolutionary solution designed to combat resistant and hard-to-remove wrinkles.
This biotechnological serum is formulated to relieve your skin from the effects of 15,000 facial expressions performed in a day, targeting the deepest and most visible wrinkles.
With a unique combination of three powerful peptides, it improves skin firmness and elasticity, delivering a younger, more rejuvenated appearance.

 Apply the Botuceutical Platinum serum on clean and dry skin directly inside the wrinkles with the help of the silicon nib of the dosing pen.
For best results, use the product in combination with the Botuceutical Forte anti-wrinkle serum and/or the Botuceutical Gold for adult skin. The product can be equally used by women and men.

The Botuceutical Platinum serum for deep wrinkles offers a revolutionary approach to combating resistant wrinkles. By interrupting the SNARE complex and inhibiting muscle contractions, this serum effectively prevents further wrinkle formation and relaxes existing wrinkles. Its unique combination of peptides, along with hyaluronate acid and lipoic acid, reduces wrinkle depth and firms the skin. With its innovative formulation, this serum provides fast and noticeable improvements in skin tone and tightness.
Acetyl hexapeptide: This peptide interrupts the SNARE complex, reducing muscle contractions and minimizing wrinkle depth caused by facial expressions and repeated movements.

Acetyl octapeptide: Acting as a reversible antagonist of the muscle nicotine acetylcholine receptor, this peptide blocks acetylcholine binding and helps relax facial muscles, particularly effective against expression wrinkles.

Synthetic derivative of tripeptide: This active tripeptide binds to the epsilon receptor's subunit, preventing acetylcholine from binding to the receptor. This action keeps the muscles relaxed by inhibiting the absorption of sodium ions, reducing wrinkle formation.

Lipoic acid: With its participation in energy production within cells, lipoic acid aids in cellular respiration. Additionally, it serves as a detoxifying agent, eliminating harmful compounds that may enter the body.

Hyaluronate acid: Known for its moisturizing and lubricating properties, hyaluronate acid plays a crucial role in maintaining firm and elastic skin. It helps retain moisture, preserves the skin's structure, and acts as a regenerative element against aging.

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