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 Biotechnological emulsion for firming and toning breasts
Introducing Bustyceutical, the biotechnological emulsion specially designed to firm and tone the bust while providing a powerful lifting effect. The appearance of our bust is greatly influenced by the tone and firmness of the skin that covers it and this sensitive area requires particular care and attention.
The emulsion's toning properties work by increasing the tension of the bust's cell walls, strengthening muscle tone, and preparing the musculature for activity. What sets Bustyceutical apart is its ability to achieve noticeable results without the need for invasive procedures.

 In order to reach optimal results, apply the Bustyceutical emulsion for bust firming and toning two times a day (mornings and evenings).

Bustyceutical, a biotechnological emulsion formulated with a combination of ingredients, offers a science-backed approach to enhance the tone and firmness of the bust. The unique formula contains a biotechnological bacterial filtrate rich in growth factors, which stimulate tissue metabolism and cellular respiration. Additionally, two types of biopeptides derived from collagen and elastin play crucial roles. The collagen-based tripeptide stimulates collagen synthesis in fibroblasts, promoting improved cellular metabolism and firmness. The elastin-derived hexapeptide attracts repair cells, aiding in tissue regeneration and wound healing. Together, these ingredients work harmoniously to restructure and firm the cutaneous tissue of the bust, increasing its density and promoting a smoother and lifted appearance.
Biotechnological Bacterial Filtrate, this ingredient is rich in stimulation and growth factors. It is obtained through the culture of aerobic microorganisms and contributes to tissue metabolism and cellular respiration.

Amphiphilic Biopeptides:
Tripeptide, derived from collagen, this naturally occurring fragment stimulates collagen synthesis in fibroblasts, promoting firmness and improved cellular metabolism in the dermis.
Hexapeptide, designed based on the structure of elastin, this synthetic biopeptide possesses biological activity, particularly chemotaxis, attracting repair cells (fibroblasts) for tissue regeneration and wound healing.

Almond Oil: Known for its hydrating and softening effects, almond oil helps nourish and moisturize the skin, promoting a smooth and supple appearance

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