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 Biotechnology emulsion for red and reactive skin
Experience relief from facial redness with Rosaceutical, our advanced biotechnology emulsion. Designed for those with reactive skin prone to red blemishes and microcirculation issues, Rosaceutical offers both preventive and corrective care. Formulated with Retinaldehyd C.T., it boosts skin cell metabolism and reduces the appearance of surface veins, promoting a more even complexion.
Our unique plant extracts strengthen and soothe your skin, delivering remarkable results that place Rosaceutical in the top tier of skincare solutions. Discover skin transformation today.

 In order to reach optimum results, apply the Rosaceutical biotechnology emulsion two times a day (mornings and evenings) until you reach the desired effect. Later apply the emulsion once a day in order to keep the required appearance.

Rosaceutical is a targeted solution for red and reactive skin, including conditions like rosacea. It features Retinaldehyd C. T. to boost skin cell metabolism and reduce visible surface veins.
This formula stands out with a unique blend of hydrophilic and lipophilic plant components, each contributing to improved microcirculation and skin rejuvenation.
Key plant extracts include whitewood, known for fortifying blood vessels, and cypress nut, which helps with venous insufficiency symptoms. Rosaceutical offers a comprehensive solution for red and reactive skin, making it ideal for managing conditions like rosacea.
Retinaldehyd C. T. boosts skin cell metabolism and reduces the visibility of surface veins, helping to alleviate redness.
Whitewood Extract strengthens the walls of small blood vessels, has anti-inflammatory properties, and acts as an astringent to calm irritated skin.
Cypress Nut Extract contains essential oils and catechin tannins that help retract varicose veins and strengthen blood vessels. It contributes to normalizing skin and balancing microcirculation.

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