The science of TrioStem3 Complex

The TrioStem3 Complex is a new innovation in cosmetology, that contains human stem cell activator, bitter orange stem cells and Swiss apple stem cell extract. This biotechnology stem cell complex combines the genetic information necessary for the complete renewal of the skin: activation of stem cells, strengthen the communication between cells and activation of genes to improve skin texture.

As time passes the skin's ability to regenerate is significantly reduced. It’s mainly, because during life the adult stem cells activity deteriorates. The skin remains youthful and radiant, while the stem cells are still active. If we can protect those cells and activate again, they will renew the skin for a long time. 

Thanks to Dr. Fiker’s researches, a unique active combination was born, in which the active substances specifically affect skin renewal in a synergistic manner. TrioStem3 Complex biotechnology stem cell complex, in which the active substances reinforce and complement each other, so the skin begins a complete transformation and regeneration.

The complex combines:

- Human stem cell activator - plays a central role in reducing wrinkles, activates the stem cells in our skin, improves skin elasticity, gives the skin energy and vitality. Its mechanism of action is supported by a number of experiments:

- the tests performed on epithelial cells demonstrate, that the drug stimulates the EGF (epidermal growth factor) production. The epidermal growth factor was discovered by the biochemist Dr. Cohen, who received the Nobel Prize for this invention in 1986. The epidermal growth, factor found in human body, promotes skin cell proliferation, thereby contributes to its renewal.
- activates the collagen-producing fibroblast cells, so skin tightness and structure significantly improves.
- regulates elastin- responsible for skin tightness, and hyaluronic acid production, which is known for its moisturizing and wrinkle filling properties.

- Bitter orange (Citrus aurantium) stem cells - thanks to modern science technology, the bitter orange stem cells are accesible in a biological form.
In vitro studies have shown, that mediterranean orange stem cells positively affect the functioning of genes, which are necessary to improve the quality and structure of the extracellular matrix and also for cell proliferation of the collagen and elastin producing fibroblast. If these functions are restored, the skin regains its elasticity and firmness.
The TGK (keratinocyte transglutaminase) is an enzyme, essential for maintaining the proper structure of the epidermis. Due to bitter orange stem cells - stimulating the production of TGK - the skin epidermis becomes more compact and structured.

- Swiss apple plant stem cell extract (Malus domestica) - in Switzerland, the scientists noticed a very rare apple tree species (Uttwiler Spätlauber), which fruits can be kept exceptionally long time. This is probably due to the very long-lived apple stem cells. The Swiss apple stem cells are delivering genetic informations to the bottom row of epidermal cells, which delay chronological aging process of the skin and support the regeneration and defense processes. The experiments have demonstrated, that the active substance in a 0.01% extract, already activates stem cells, thereby contributes to the rejuvenation of the skin. Voluntary participants, who performed the in vivo studies, have demonstrate, that after 28 days the depth of wrinkles were significantly reduced.